The credo of Freiheit Otsubo Consulting is: “Today’s management consulting for the
customer satisfaction of tomorrow, based on timeless mercantile values”.

This is where the know-how and experience of a management consultant meet the
comprehensive expertise of a software developer. Together, Marco Freiheit and
Christopher Otsubo are the team of experts of Freiheit Otsubo Consulting that bring
an intuitive feeling for sustainable business and process solutions. As Hamburg
residents, Freiheit Otsubo Consulting is right at home with its clients. The focus is on
the optimisation of business and cross-company processes as well as the
compliance with customer requirements. Always at the forefront of technological
progress, the solutions we provide are specifically designed to give joy when used.
The consultancy considers itself to be a reliable partner who provides sustainable
solutions for its clients and identifies potential for long-term optimisation in close

Freiheit Otsubo Consulting focuses on customer needs with a great deal of
dedication and passion. Whether it is an acute problem or the achievement of
strategic objectives, the consulting and software experts are ideal companions in
terms of implementing your business projects. At Freiheit Otsubo Consulting,
Hanseatic entrepreneurship is combined with modern technological thinking.